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We recommend young, beginning dancers select Broadway Babies for their first and second year of classes.  

Dancers with previous dance and/or school experience may be ready for Showbiz ballet and tap combo classes.  

Dancers who have completed two plus years of class and/or are excelling in their school classroom environment may be ready to try specific style classes.  

We love helping dancers find the class that is best suited for them!  Please contact the studio office with any questions regarding class placement.  

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*Check out our full list of available dance classes here.

Age Range:


2 Years - Adult

Yearly Registration:


$30 Per Dancer or $50 Per Family

Siblings and Multi Class Dancers: We generally group our recital showcases by day. While we can not guarantee siblings will ever be in the same show, the best chance to achieve this is by registering for classes on the same day.



45 Minute Class:

♦$41 per month for 1st class

♦$36 per month for additional classes

30 Minute Class:

♦$32 per month 

*Tuition is based on a school year (Sept.-April) and paid in monthly installments due on the first of each month. The first installment and registration fee are due upon registration.

All fees are non-refundable.

2010 - present
2010 - present
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