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Miss Jackie

Owner, Director, Teacher

22 years teaching at NSD

"I love to celebrate the little things!  It is so exciting to see babies walk through the door for the first time without needing to hold the hand of their caregiver, the first time a dancer can hold their balance on their own or push up into a bridge on their own, or even successfully waiting for their turn at a skill!  I love to share their excitement!!"

Certified In:

-Acrobatic Arts

-Progressing Ballet Technique

-Chicago National Association of Dance Masters

Bachelor of Science from Alma College in Exercise and Health Science

Currently Teaching:

Tuesday Broadway Baby

Thursday Advanced Ballet

Miss Jackie serves as a Team Leader for Team Julie Kay- an international organization 

for dance teacher support and continuing education.  

*Check out our full list of available dance classes here.

Do what you love!  love what you do!

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